Website of Daniel Culleres, Catalan photographer

It would be uncomplicated to run the risk to recognize that all the photographers or at least most of them have begun taking photos of bucolic landscapes. I suppose it is natural to reflect what involves or produces some good feelings, besides the wish to copy what one sees so much and so often.

A great change occurred in 2003. The digital technology appears and invades the world of photography. That allowed combining my artistic interests with the natural tendency of my engineering studies in one discipline. Ever since then my interest and passion for photography has been increasing rapidly and after an autodidactic beginning. A year photography course together with some sporadic practical workshop, followed naturally.

It has been said that "a photographer is a blind person, grasping only a piece of reality and forgetting the rest". Possibly it may be true. The environment offers us boundless possibilities; however the photographer only play a small and subjective part in it. 

Solitude is my first complete project and it can be divided into two parts. First, the feeling of loneliness is real but it could be ephemeral. Secondly, a sense of negligence is added: it was something that does not subsist now thus solitude becomes permanent; it seems that nothing will break it.

Daniel Cullerés photographer